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Chef’s Choice: Boston’s Best Restaurants

We all have our very own best lists – best restaurants, best hotels, best parks, and so on. Even then, when we want the best experience, we always rely on the experts’ opinion of what is best. So if you are looking for the best restaurants to enjoy a great meal during your Boston vacation, put your list aside and read on to know what Chef Jamie Bissonnette, who owns Toro and Coppa, thinks are the best places to eat in Boston.

Eastern Standard

One of the most popular places that Bostonians prefer to hang out with friends after work, Eastern Standard offers excellent wine selection and really affordable Grover champagne that you’ll enjoy. The place also serves tasty late night snacks like steak tartare, and delicious butterscotch bread pudding, crème brulee and other desserts that you will just love. The cocktails here are also pretty good.

Tavern Road

Tavern Road is a less-known restaurant that the chef recommends for a great lunch. It is a bar and restaurant in Congress Street, and offers a variety of cocktails. Besides a wide selection of drinks, you can also enjoy tasty lamb osso buco, Maine crab saffron risotto, steak and cheese, and sweet potato gnocchi here. The place also scores max on the ambience.


Clio Restaurant is located in Commonwealth Ave. The place has an excellent wine menu, delicious cocktails and some of the tastiest seafood you’ll get in Boston. Dishes you must try here include Sweet Butter Basted Maine Lobster, Salad Of Fresh Dug Beets And Gillfeather Turnip, Veal Scallopine En Blanquette and the Duet Du Boeuf. In desserts, do try the White Grapefruit Panna Cotta, Chocolate Coulant, French Butter Pear and the delicious Rooibos Poached Quince.


As the tag line of this restaurant says, Anchovies is where you can simply drink, eat and make merry. The Italian restaurant has been rated as the best in Boston in 2010 and offers dine in as well as takeaway.  Anchovies is a place for hardcore Italian cuisine fans and is considered a hidden gem in the South End. Dishes that you must try here include Richini Pasta, Lobster Stuffed Canneloni, parmesan truffle fries, pasta gnocchi with rib ragu, and pizza with custom toppings.

Merrill & Co.

A recent addition to the list of Boston restaurants, Merrill & Co opened only earlier in 2014. The place specializes in seafood and offers some really good cod and mushroom, deviled eggs with catfish riette, smoked oyster chowder and octopus dishes. The place also has serves the usual Mac and Cheese and waffles, not to forget burgers with fries. Merrill & Co has a casual atmosphere and is a place you can drop in anytime, and in any attire to enjoy some authentic New England cuisine.