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Cambridge Brewing Announces First Ever Sour Fest in Boston

27 March, 2014  is going to be an eventful day in Boston especially for those who love sour beer. The popular Cambridge Brewing Company (CBC) has just announced its very first Sour Fest. Since this brewpub has earned a reputation for being one of the best in the state, the event is bound to attract a number of connoisseurs.

Sour beer is the new buzz  in town

Sour beer has gained quite a loyal fan base over a relatively short period of time. Despite the demand for this brew, not many breweries have the confidence to try their hand at it because of the many things that can go wrong with the process of brewing. However, these concerns do not deter the master brewer, Will Meyers, at Cambridge Brewing Company, who has proven his forte in creating some excellent sour beer during some of the  events held earlier.

A whole night dedicated to sour beer

Although sour beer has been an important part of Cambridge Brewing Company’s offerings, this is the first time they are coming up with a night long event that focuses completely on it. This mouth-puckering beer variety has quite a unique taste that comes from the wild yeasts that are used in the fermentation process. These are the products that will be showcased by the company at this event. Special kegs from CBC’s ‘beer catacombs’ will see the light of day for the first time in years on 27 March . Needless to say, they are making sure that some of their best products are going to be made available.

Partial taplist posted

A partial taplist has been posted, building anticipation among sour beer enthusiasts. If you are heading down to Boston  for this event expect to taste at least one vintage Cerise Cassee, which is one  of their specials. Almost a dozen other flavors are expected to  grace the tables during the event. Locals are looking forward to some of their favorites from other events that were held in the previous years such as the Honey Badger beer.

Take a tour of Boston’s many breweries

While you are down here for CBC’s Sour Beer fest, don’t forget to take a tour of Boston’s many other well known and well liked breweries.  After all, this is an important part of the ‘to -do’ list for most tourists who come down here on a visit. There are many Boston ‘Brew Tour Operators’  doing brisk business thanks to the location’s reputation for excellent brewery products. Visitors can enjoy different varieties of beer from the many breweries dotting the streets of Boston.