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Don’t Miss: Boston’s Most Iconic Dishes

It is an accepted fact that Boston is the ideal destination for the self-confessed foodies and the many restaurants and eateries flourishing here attest to this. Food festival and restaurant theme weeks make it possible to celebrate great cuisine when you come down here. If you are going to be visiting soon, make sure you taste these iconic Boston dishes:

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

At first glance, the combination of fried chicken and buttermilk may appear to be a weird one, but don’t let that put you off.  Well-seasoned, crispy fried chicken and just a tad of the salty, tangy sourness of the buttermilk makes this one an all-time favorite for many diners. Savor the crunchy, crispy coating before you bite into the moist meat. Served along with garlic mashed potatoes, it will be a meal you remember for life.

Fish Moqueca

How can a visit to Boston be complete without sampling sea food? Check out this famous Brazilian dish made even more popular by the Bostonians. The fish moqueca is a stew that has garlic, tomatoes and cilantro, in addition to fish. Some chefs add a dash of coconut milk to the recipe too. This dish can be made with different varieties of fish and they all give you a slightly different taste.

Boiled Peanuts

Sounds like something that a lazy chef might cook up on a slow day? Actually, boiled peanut recipes are very common in Boston and each chef has his or her own take on how it should be created. That gives you some really interesting, unique tastes although the dish seems to be rather simplistic. Try a slow cooked recipe with Cajun spices or the stovetop one that lets the peanuts imbibe the taste of the the salt water used for the cooking.

Lobster Roll

Perhaps one of the most well known dishes here, the lobster roll is a delicacy that you should not miss. The mayo dressing and celery sticks add that punch to the lobster meat which is all packaged onto a buttery toasted bun to make a fulfilling meal. You might just be surprised at how closely this dish resembles the world famous Maine lobster roll in terms of taste.

Prune Stuffed Gnocchi

 The Boston Globe described it as a ‘marvelously clever’ dish and the NY Times called it a ‘no holds barred spectacle’. Do you still need a reason to taste this iconic Boston fare? The dish has longer-than-usual gnocchi, vin santo soaked prunes and some amazing meaty sauce to give you a visual feast that almost prevents you from putting your fork into the food. But the deliciously aromatic seared liver on top makes sure that you simply can’t resist popping this dish into your mouth the minute it arrives at your table!