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Boston Tourists – These Tips are for You

Boston has much to offer to tourists from across the country and abroad. Rich culture, insane shopping opportunities and excellent food – it has everything for tourists to enjoy. However, to make the most of your vacation in Boston, you need to be well prepared to face it with these tips for tourists. Take a look at some interesting and important things you should know before you pack your bags to visit the city!

Don’t mimic the accent

If you are planning on faking a Bostonian accent to ‘blend in’ with the crowd, we have one word of advice: Don’t!

Tourists are often tempted to mimic the sassy Bostonian accent and end up being silly. Bostonians, of course, will find it amusing but they may not really appreciate it if you are attempting to make fun of their language or accent. Also, keep in mind that certain terms that Bostonians don’t usually mean what you think.

For instance, if a local person tells you that it is a “wicked” cold day, it means that it is very cold, and not “evilly cold”. Certain areas are referred to by their short forms. For instance, Massachusetts Avenue is always mentioned and written as Mass. Ave. Commonwealth Avenue is simply Comm. Ave and so on.

Did you refer to Boston as “Beantown”? If you did, you probably irked some hardcore Bostonians to no end because the locals do not particularly like this description of their beloved Boston. Since the folks here already have the reputation of being unfriendly, you certainly don’t want to make things worse by disrespecting their sentiments.

Actually, it is not quite true that Bostonians are unfriendly. However, they are not given to friendly chatter with strangers. Ask for directions or assistance and you are sure to find them willing to help.

Driving is not the best way to get around

To say that traffic is chaotic in Boston is a massive understatement. For those who intend to stay here for a while and need to move around quite a bit, driving is NOT a good option. Finding a meter spot can be an impossible task on any day and parking garages can burn a good sized hole in your pockets. Locating a specific place requires time, skill and patience.

Driving around looking for the exact address can be hugely time and fuel consuming, not to mention frustrating. Use the T subway (or the Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority subway) to get to your desired spot with the least hassle. You can get daily, weekly passes or choose how many trips you will be making. The subway comprehensively covers all of Boston’s top sight-seeing spots and there is a separate line that takes you to Logan International as well. The cost of public transport is low, which means you also get to save some money.

Choose your visit time with care

Boston weather is not always friendly and tourists who are unaccustomed to hard winters or harsh summers will find it very difficult if they land here in either of these seasons. The best time to visit Boston is in the fall or spring, when the climate is pleasant. If you have a particular penchant for greenery or flowers, spring time in Boston’s Public Garden is sure to be a treat for you. Nights may be surprisingly cold even in spring or fall so bring your jacket along, just in case!