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Boston Magazines Cheap Eats

Boston Magazine recently listed its ‘cheap eats’, an A-Z selection of the best restaurants, bakeries, cafes, eateries and food trucks pampering Bostonians’ taste buds.

You’ll be amazed at just how many great places you may have driven past or never heard of, and hoped to try them out to experience the real deal.

Multi-cultural fare that points to Boston’s diversity

Did you know you could indulge in a Shawarma chicken roll, an authentic Shanghai meal, a Mexican breakfast, Belgian frikandel, Thai dinner or a Bolivian veg-meat platter without venturing too far? The city’s restaurant scene is a melting pot of different cultures, giving you the opportunity to relish new experiences. The ones on Boston Magazine’s list not only serve up lip-smacking traditional dishes but also keep your tab under $15.

The Boston food scene is incomplete without local markets, and the diversity is evident here as well. Consider some of the deals – they are pretty hard to beat:

  • Tinned curries and fragrant basmati rice, or two pieces of Indian-style fried chicken for just $2.99 at Waltham India Market
  • Polish deli DJ’s European Market and Delicatessen ‘s kielbasa and pierogi for under $6
  • $5.99 Iraqi kefta sandwich at Assalam Market
  • Asian fresh rolls ($4.40) and pantry essentials from Hong Kong Supermarket at Allston

With these cheap local food markets, a multi-cultural buffet is only a short distance away.

Late night dinner isn’t just about eating

If you like to eat your meals late, typically with a drink, and often with a bit of socializing, you’ll be surprised to know that some of Boston’s best late night eateries are also some of its most affordable. The good news is that the choice of grub is also varied, so you’ll definitely find a suitably nice place for your more fussy friends! On the list are A4 Pizza with its 90s hip-hop ambience and 1 am deadline, Eastern Standard with its steaks, French moules and diverse mix of patrons, and Tasty Burger, which stays open till 4 am and serves excellent hot dogs and burgers.

Fast foods beckon

If you would rather feast on fries than attack a steak, there are more options than you may imagine. The cheese fries at Kelly’s Roast Beef ($6.50 for a large) have enough cheese to meet your dairy requirements for a week. If you want a more ‘sophisticated’ but no less fried dish, the Chinese fried dough at aptly named Great Taste Bakery comes highly recommended at just $1. The fried chicken ($6.79) at Popeyes is cooked to perfection and tastes even better with a pickled jalepeno, which will set you back a meager 59 cents. The Mac ‘N’ Cheese ($7.95) at Winthorp Arms and Roast Beef Sandwich ($6.05) with a delectable barbecue sauce at Steve’s Roast Beef are as delicious as they are filling.

Wheelin’ its way in

Meng’s Kitchen is a brand new food truck you can catch near the Chinatown T stop from 7.30 am to 10 am on weekdays. People are already talking about its fantastic baozi or meat-stuffed buns. If you crave for an authentic Northern-style Chinese food, Meng’s Kitchen’s pork buns will keep you coming back for more. The best part is that one pork bun can be yours for just $1. The food truck also serves Chinese dumplings and sandwiches, which cost $2.50.

Satisfying your sweet tooth

Demet's Donuts on 199 Mystic Avenue reminds you of a simpler time when you didn't have to splurge to enjoy top-quality doughnuts. For only $1.20, you can bite into a succulent chocolate-frosted doughnut. Patrons will vouch for the $4.50 chocolate milkshake at Mama's Place that has both adults and kids clamoring for more.

Access the full list here and share your experiences with us.