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Boston Living – Boston’s Best Places to Live

Are you planning to purchase a home in Boston? One of the best cities to settle down in, Boston has a variety of neighborhoods to suit the tastes, budgets and lifestyles of all kinds of people. Whether you are single, just got married or have a big happy family to accommodate, you can find just the right home for yourself in this historic city. The best part is that you won’t even have to overspend or take mortgages with high rates of interest for buying a home here. Here is a list of the best places to settle down in Boston, based on your lifestyle and budget.

First-time home owner

Buying a home for a first time? You can get mortgages for as low as 5% for homes in Boston. Among the areas where you can get affordable homes include Medford, where the median home price is $395,000. Other areas you can consider include Watertown, where the median home price is $462,000, higher than that of Medford, and Roslindale that has experienced a growth of 25% in property prices in the past one year and has a median price of $410,000 right now.

Power Couples

When you need a home that is not far away from the urban setting, yet gives you the peace and tranquility of the suburbs, you should consider Lincoln, Needham and Lowell. These areas are excellent for power couples, earning enough to comfortably buy a million dollar home. Needham has a lower median home price of $741,000, while in Lowell; it is much lesser at $219,750. Now the low costs don’t make the area as bad. It is an excellent place to live for those with an artistic mindset, and its cobblestones remind one of the streets of Venice.

Family Homes

Looking to add to your family, or already have a big happy family? Then you should look at the family homes in Boston’s Acton, Natick and Sharon areas where the median home price ranges between $400,000 and $500,000. Whether you are looking for more space for yourself, or have plans to add new members to the family, town homes in Winchester, Topsfield and Carlisle are also worth looking at. Median home price in these regions is slightly higher, ranging between $450,000 and a million dollars.

Empty Nesters

If it is that time of your lie where you are free from the hassles of a job you didn’t love and your kids are all out on their own, then you need to look at homes in Newburyport, Charlestown and Hingham. Whether you wish to indulge in a hobby or just want to relax everyday in your portico with a great view, there is a suitable home for you in these areas. The median home price here is between $490,000 and $653,000 approximately.