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Boston Hot Dog Safari Has Irresistible Choices

A great spot for Hot Dog lovers, the Boston Hot Dog Safari is an annual event that is perfect for food lovers of all ages. In fact, if you have kids under 10, you should be especially happy about this particular event because they get in for free! You might just be lucky and spot some celebrities at the event, which will be held on June 7th this time. Theo Epstien, Mo Vaughn and Doug Flutie have made appearances here in the past.

All-you-can-eat-hot dogs plus other foodie goodies

As the name suggests, the Hot Dog Safari is a dream come true for hot dog lovers with its all-you-can-eat offers, but that’s not all. There are other food items to try as well which is great if your family does not share your all encompassing love for this food. Vendors  participating in the event include Chocolate Truffle, Boston Burger, Dunkin Donuts, Kayem, Not your Average Joe’s, Wacky Candy Shack, Richardson’s Ice Cream and more. Evidently, there is going to be quite a selection of delectable dishes to take your pick from.

Beverages are also included in the fare and that means you can complete your meal once you get down here. An estimated 150,000 hot dogs are expected to be consumed at this year’s event, it is expected and about 30,000 people are likely to attend it.

Activities to keep kids busy

For your kids, the Hot Dog Safari has enough to offer to keep them busy until you have had your fill of the food. An air filled, blow-up obstacle course, moon walk trampoline, a giant slide and hoops are just some of the many kid-friendly features planned for the event. Cotton candy and ice cream stalls will also be here to give your kids a sugar rush from time to time. For the slightly older kids, temporary tattoo parlors, martial arts presentations by Azoff’s and more are being planned to grab their attention.

All for a good cause

If you thought that Hot Dog Safari was only about fun and frolic, you should know that the event raises millions of dollars for a good cause – the Joey Fund and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The event’s founder Eddie Andelman was commended for his charity work by none other than President George Bush II. Back when it started, the Safari drew a crowd of about two hundred hot dog lovers.  However, now, this is one of Boston’s most well-known family friendly events every year. 

More popularly known as Phantom Gourmet, Eddie and now, his sons invest substantial effort, time and money into organizing this event without making a single dollar in return. Spend $15 to book your ticket in advance for the Hot Dog Safari or $20 to buy it at the venue and do your bit to help eradicate cystic fibrosis along with the Andelman family. 

Image courtesy of Apolonia/www.freedigitalphotos.net