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Boston Eateries for Vegetarians

If you are a vegetarian visiting Boston, you are in for a good time with all the great restaurants and eateries that flourish in this buzzing Massachusetts hub. Whether you choose to be vegetarian or you are a meat lover who wants to try something different, going vegetarian in Boston is a great idea. You might just be surprised by how delicious meat-less food can be! Check out some of the popular and reputed vegetarian hangouts that you should definitely visit when you are down here.

Veggie Galaxy

Let’s start with Veggie Galaxy which made it into Travel and Leisure’s list of best veg restaurants in the US in 2013. This restaurant has retro interiors and a seemingly endless menu to make the most hardened meat lover drool. Don’t be surprised to see some familiar names on the menu, such as tempeh bacon, and don’t worry because it is completely vegan. If you have a liking for classic home-style food combined with that comfy, cozy atmosphere, a visit to Veggie Galaxy should be on top of your to- do list.

Punjab Palace

If you are looking for restaurants that have earned accolades then the Punjab Palace is a good choice for you too. This restaurant is owned by Parmjit Singh, who also owned the very popular Zagat Survey India Quality restaurant. For those with a penchant for spicy Indian food, this is a great destination. The 30 plus years of experience in cooking this cuisine is very evident in the delicious recipes that these guys come up with. The restaurant serves vegetarian (and non-vegetarian) food that is affordable, distinctive and comes paired with attentive service.

Burton’s Grill

An All- American restaurant that has a surprisingly varied menu, Burton’s Grill has much to offer for the vegetarian diner too. In fact, it has a separate veg menu that lists some substantial veggie dishes to satisfy your hunger and palate very well. The easy, fun environment is one of the most attractive features of this eatery which is probably why this is such a popular hang- out for buddy parties. Don’t forget to check out the restaurant’s seasonal drink menu.


If you are looking for a quick, healthy veg bite, then drop in here. Root offers some very interesting veggie recipes that are surprisingly tasty and filling. Check out the Big Bites Root Burger which completely transforms your perception of what a burger should be like. You can create your own burger at this restaurant, choosing from a interesting selections of items. If you just need a filler in between meals, the Small Bites section has some great options too. The fries served here are to die for as they are served with the house-made ketchup. Make sure you wash it all down with the basil flavored lemonade.