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Boston Celebrates its 384th Birthday

The city of Boston recently celebrated its 384th birthday. An annual program – the Boston Charter Day Events – is underway and will continue till October 25. The events at this program are designed to give residents a peek into their city’s glorious history.

On September 7, 1640 (the most accurate estimation), a group of Puritans, escaping from religious persecution in England, landed in the area. They soon crossed the river from Charlestown and laid the foundations of a colony that grew into Boston.

The leader of the new settlers was a man called John Winthrop, who later became the first governor of the colony. The settlers hoped to build a city that would be a model for the entire world. The colony grew quickly and in a few months, it was a well-known whaling, shipbuilding and fishing town. Today, Boston has become a hub for innovation and is a vibrant and thriving city.


The city has several ‘firsts’ to its name

The first public park in the United States was inaugurated in Boston. The first public school and the first college in the United States were established in Boston – the Boston Latin School and Harvard University. Boston was also home to the first regular American newspaper, called the Boston News Letter. The oldest restaurant in the United States, the Union Oyster House, is also located in Boston. Interestingly, the restaurant is still functioning.


Dine at the Union Oyster House – the first restaurant in the United States

The Union Oyster HouseĀ is situated on Freedom Trail, close to Faneuil Hall. The building in which the restaurant is housed dates back to before the Revolution. American Senator Daniel Webster was a regular customer here. The restaurant is open from 11 am to 9.30 pm from Sunday to Thursday, and from 11 am to 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. It is better to reserve a table if you are planning to visit this restaurant. You can also hold banquets, meetings, parties and receptions here (the restaurant has many private function and dining rooms).


Free tour to the Saugus Iron Works

The next Boston Charter Day Event is scheduled for September 27 and involves a visit to the Saugus Iron Works. In the past, the Puritans needed tools and implements to maintain the colony, but supplies from England were dwindling. So they started the Saugus Iron Works to ensure a constant supply of iron equipment and in the process set up the first industrial park in the United States. Attendance to the event is free, but there is an option to donate. It is an exclusive tour and if you want to attend it, you will have to sign up. Here is the link. The tour will be handled by Rangers from the Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site.