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Boston Calling with German Culture and lots of Beer

Combine music with a pint of beer and loads of fun in German style and you will get a beer-filled Oktoberfest at Boston Calling. This year, Boston Calling and the Samuel Adams Annual Oktoberfest will take place together, doubling the amount of fun Bostonians and guests can have at this time of the year. Both the events, which Bostonians look forward to every fall, celebrate the two most important things needed to have fun – beer and music.

Boston Calling – Enjoy music king size

Boston Calling is the annual music festival that takes place at the Government Center every year. This year, the musical event will also have the beer hall setting within the premises. Boston Calling will take place between September 5 and 7, and will feature artists like The National, Lorde, Bleachers, Clifflight and Gentlemen Hall. With an exciting and impressive lineup, the landmark music festival is all set to enthrall music lovers in the city.

Add spirit to music

Is music not enough for fun? Try listening to it while you gulp beer, and the experience will get a lot better. The Boston Calling music festival is slightly modified this year to accommodate the annual Sam Adams Oktoberfest where lager lovers can try and enjoy different types of the beverage. The event is open only to 21+ aged people, which means that this time, a number of underage fans of the music festival will be watching the beer halls from the sidelines.

Tickets for both events

Last year, Oktoberfest tickets were sold only to those aged above 21, for a price ranging between $17.50 and $38.5. This year, beer lovers who want to be a part of the Samuel Adams Annual Oktoberfest may have to spend more than that. Given that the Oktoberfest will be a part of Boston Calling this year, people may have to spend a minimum of $50 on day passes or $135 for weekend passes that would give them access to the beer halls. The ticketing information for the Oktoberfest has not yet been announced, but the Boston Calling website only mentions sale of tickets for the music festival. No mention of tickets for the beer-festival has been made.

A deadly combination?

People attending the 3-day music festival can now enjoy beer, German sausages, stein-hoisting competitions and warm pretzels while they listen to musicians perform on stage. Music and alcohol certainly go well together, but a music festival and a beer-festival at the same time and in the same premises? We are not very sure about it. Whether or not this little experiment by the Boston city authorities will be a success, we can only wait and see.