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Boston By Boat – An Overview of Boating Tours

Boston is one of the greatest cities in the US that is best explored by foot, according to some. The next best way to see the sights of the city is by boat, given that a number of tourist attractions in the city are by the harbor. Boston tour operators have hour-long and even day-long cruises that will take you on a tour of the best sights in Boston and also treat you to some of the finest local dishes on board. Here is a note on some of the cruise options for you.

Boston Harbor Tours

One of the popular harbor tour operators in Boston, Boston Harbor Tours offers a number of services including water taxis, harbor cruises, and regular trips to Harbor Islands. Cruises you can choose include the USS Constitution cruise, the Historic Sightseeing Cruise, Sunset Cruise and Weekend Brunch Cruise among others. Boston Harbor Tours also offers special event tours like Valentine’s Day Cruise, Mother’s Day Brunch Cruise and New Year’s Eve Fireworks Cruise.

Whale Watchers Tour

Traveling with kids? You could go on whale watchers tours that are organized between early March and October. The tours are excellent way for families to spend their Sunday afternoons. Spot the beautiful humpback whales that sing and a few finback whales too. Find out all about them from the tour guides on the boat. Summer is a great time for whale watching as fog can prevent you from spotting the mammals in winter.

Wine Tasting Tour

Wine tasting boat tours are also a good choice for seniors and couples visiting Boston. What can be better than a Sunday cruise where you get to taste some of the finest Boston wines while enjoying amazing views of the city? These tours are usually for adults, so if you are going with the kids, look at other options.

Adventure boats

Do you find the usual boat rides dull and uninteresting? If so, go for the thrill seekers’ options – speed boat rides. The high speed boat rides will take you across the ocean at 40 miles per hour and are as thrilling as they can get, while keeping you safe. If you want an adrenalin rush, then high speed boat rides are a must.

Architecture and History Tour

If you want to explore the historical and architectural sights of Boston on a cruise, you can do so. There are special boat cruises that take you on a tour, offering a spectacular view of all the architectural and historical buildings and monuments in Boston. The landmarks that you can see on tour include Hancock Tower, Marriot’s Custom House, the Prudential Building and more.