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Boston: An All-Season Travel Destination

Verdant green expanses, MIT, Harvard and an interesting history are just few of the many things that Boston has to offer to travelers. The biggest city and also the capital of the state of Massachusetts, Boston is a place that can be aptly called a city of all  seasons. The city transforms with each season and has something to offer to everyone who visits.

Travelers from within the country as well as from abroad can partake in the various cultural events and the exciting outdoor activities the city has to offer. Boston is also home to some of the world’s popular retail outlets. Walking through the compact neighborhoods, spotting landmarks is as good as any exploration of the city, one that makes you intimate with it.

Outdoor fun

Numerous parks with well-maintained lawns and gardens are the favorite places for residents of the city to spend a day outdoors and enjoy a picnic with friends and family. Freezing winters turn these spaces into ice-skating arenas.

Places like the Charles River Esplanade’s Hatch Hell host various seasonal events and can easily be spotted while exploring the city on a bicycle. Cruising along the cool waters to spot charming islands is yet another thing you can do in Boston. A kayak or a canoe is never too far away for a paddle.

Sporting in Boston

Bostonians are known to be an athletic lot. Fenway Park is a must visit – watching a game at this century-old ballpark is an experience that you cannot forget. Passionate crowds cheer their teams on, often blurring the lines between the spectator and the player.

A slice of American culture

Boston is dotted with numerous museums, award-winning jazz clubs and theaters. Here, you will find the pulse of the American people and the energy that drives their vibrancy.

History beckons

Boston has an indelible link with the American Revolution and the identity of the nation as it stands today. This honorable aspect of the city is celebrated in various ways and is ever-present for visitors to experience. A tour of the battle spaces, watering holes and old graveyards brings alive the rich history of the place while reenactments make the events more tangible than history texts and even stories. Tea Party Ships and Museums are a must-visit for those interested in local/world history.

Spending the day at the town

There is no clothing tax applicable in Boston, so roll up your sleeves and stock up! The retail outlets in Boston are an eclectic combination of big brands and small boutiques and boast of fares for everyone.

Food carts and trucks, dainty restaurants and speedy diners offer gastronomical delights for all budgets and occasions. The town is the perfect place for a New England style dining experience.