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Boston – A Haute Couture Destination?

Looking to buy a Chanel bag to go with your evening gown? You may not have to go too far in Boston to find the perfect one. For those fashion conscious customers who have not visited here recently, the make-over as the fashion destination that Boston seems to be receiving may be astounding. But the fact remains that over a couple of dozen well known couture brands can now be found in the Back Bay area with many more drawing plans to move in.

Rise in Wealth Draws the Brands here

Boston’s sudden transition into a couture capital can be traced back to one big reason- the presence of a number of wealthy Bostonians. Young entrepreneurs have driven this growth in wealth by making Boston a technology hub. The impact of this influx of wealth can be gauged by the fact that several new age buildings and condos selling at sky high prices are being developed here at a fast pace. More importantly, these are being grabbed by the nouveau riche Bostonians at an incredible pace. To match their elite lifestyle, it is important that they keep pace with the most coveted fashion trends and this is leading to a surge in haute couture fashion here. The increase in the purchasing power of young Bostonians is all good news for the many new brands that are opening up new branches here.

 Move over Preppy Style, Welcome Cosmopolitan!

A short while ago, you could find your fill of preppy clothing in Boston’s various fashion retailers. Today, with the Boston crowd going cosmopolitan, the fashion trend here can no longer be described as understated. The presence of consumers from diverse backgrounds here has made its mark on the fashion scene too, ensuring that everyone can find their choice of trendy, high fashion clothing, accessories and more here from the many new couture stores that are coming up day after day.

A Global Make-over

There is little doubt that Boston can no more be described as being provincial. In fact, with even the airport receiving a make-over of sorts to accommodate flights to almost every top international capital and several exotic ones too, the city has truly undergone a multi-level transformation. Both financial and tech businesses based here have customers from all over the world and this exposure is another reason behind the city’s transition into a couture capital.

Boston’s luxury shopping scene is growing at a fast pace with several world renowned brands opening up stores here. With Chanel, Hermes, Furla, Anne Fontaine and many high end brands located right here, there is simply no need for you to look anywhere else when you want to give yourself a whole new style identity!