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What is LuxCode?

With so many of us carrying smartphones in this day and age there is no reason for us carry coupons, credit cards, etc. Our smartphones should be the only piece of technology that we need to carry. That’s where LuxCode comes into play. LuxCode is the equivalent of retailmenot, Apple Pay and Google Wallet, all rolled into one WITH tailored promotions based on YOUR spending patterns. It’s an app
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Tips to Lower Your Direct TV or Cable Bill

You can save a lot of money every year if only you pull up your socks and haggle with your Direct TV or cable TV provider. Media service works like banking. The business is quite profitable and your cable TV or Direct TV operator can give you a decent discount (somewhere in the line of $20/ $40) every month and still do well. However, people stick to the companies they know and rarely does anyone
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Boston Celebrates its 384th Birthday

The city of Boston recently celebrated its 384th birthday. An annual program - the Boston Charter Day Events - is underway and will continue till October 25. The events at this program are designed to give residents a peek into their city's glorious history. On September 7, 1640 (the most accurate estimation), a group of Puritans, escaping from religious persecution in England, landed in the ar
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Celebrate Columbus Day In Boston

Columbus Day is an official state holiday in Massachusetts. The state celebrates American history and commemorates Christopher Columbus' expedition to the Americas, as well as the commitment of Massachusetts military units to American freedom. Columbus Day events always include the second Monday of October, which makes it a 3-day weekend. Celebrate American history in style with floats, bands
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Boston for hiking lovers

Pristine scenery, well-marked trails, salt marshes … what more does it take to entice hikers to be outdoors? Be it heading out to explore the city, exercise and adventure or just hiking along dream trails, Boston is the place to be. It is remarkably easy to get to green spaces, woods and levelled trails in Boston. Though you won’t be able to scale the dramatic elevation that you’d find if
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Boston in bid for the 2024 Olympics?

According to a Boston Globe poll, 47 percent of Bostonians back the Olympic bid while 43 percent are opposed to it. And the gap, it seems, is only narrowing. The 2024 Summer Olympics  maybe a decade away but the US Olympic committee is likely to decide in another four months whether to enter a US city in the international competition to host the event. Boston, with good reason, has decided to mak
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Women Tech Entrepreneurs from Boston

With prestigious educational institutions like MIT, Harvard and Cambridge situated in and around Boston, which is a technology hub, it is only to be expected that the city will also be an entrepreneurial hotspot. These tech universities provide rich intellectual resources - patents, know-how and cutting edge innovation – on which entrepreneurs can capitalize. Interestingly, the ecosphere o
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Apple iWatch

Five Things You Should Know About the Apple Watch

The smartwatch industry is abuzz with the latest entrant - the Apple Watch. The much anticipated wearable from Apple, which is compatible with its mobile devices like the iPod and the iPhone 5, has caught the popular imagination despite not being the first of its kind – or being called an iWatch! Several smartwatches have been launched by companies such as Samsung, LG and Sony earlier for Androi
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Mobile Wallet – NFC’s Trump Card

The technology that took its own time to progress over the past few years now seems to be gaining traction and popularity amongst retailers and consumers. The eco-system is falling into place as successful partnerships are being formed by technology giants, banks and businesses to ensure global acceptance of mobile payment systems. This innovative technology of Near Field Communication (NFC) en
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Festivals and Fairs across New England this Fall

Fall is the perfect season for fairs and festivals in Massachusetts. If you are a person who enjoys fairs, exhibitions and other events where you can celebrate something, anything, your calendar is likely to get full this month. Here is a list of the many events that are being hosted in and around New England this season.   King Richard's Faire Kings and queens await ye all! King Ric
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