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Bizarre Foods in Boston

Food can become boring when it gets repetitive, but have you ever tasted food that is truly bizarre? Come down to Boston and you can do just that! Here are some dishes that can have your perception about food turned upside down:

Care for a little shark with your dinner, sir?

Don’t be surprised if you encounter this question on your quest for bizarre foods down in Boston. The dogfish (or cape shark) is not usually a popular addition to the menu, but it has become so after it made an appearance on the Andrew Zimmerman show. This fish is actually a small shark which is why the name, cape shark. Its mild and creamy flavor makes it a great addition to your order. Dogfish as a delicacy is a rarity only in the US; in Europe, when you order fish and chips, you are very likely to be getting this fish on your plate!

Is that clam? No, it is geoduck!

Well, technically, it’s still clam because geoduck is a type of clam. Great on protein, geoduck is an unusual clam that is not very popularly used although it lends beautifully to many culinary interpretations. This particular clam has an amazing life span of about 146 years and is extensively used in both Chinese and Japanese cuisine. To get a taste of this bizarre food, you will need to visit either the Big Fish seafood restaurant or Asian Garden Restaurant in Boston. Those who love this clam rave about its delicious taste, which reminds you of the clam and the tender abalone simultaneously. Try it and figure out which one it resembles the most.

Get a kick out of the king of fruits – Durian

Did you even know that there was fruit with that name? Nor did we, but durian shakes are all the rage in Boston nowadays. This Thai fruit is spiky with a completely unbelievably stench, but it comes with a sweet custard-like inside that is great for making shakes. The trouble is getting past the smell, which Zimmerman famously failed to do on camera on his show when he decided to ‘test drive’ the fruit. Warning, durian is not for everyone so take care before you test this one out!

Indian pudding – Blast from the past

This one is a dish that has come down the years right from the Colonial days. This sweet dish is a baked creation that has molasses, milk, butter, cornmeal plus some spices. A combination of fire and ice, this dish is served hot with a dash of vanilla ice cream. The dish may not look very appealing, but its unique taste has quite a few admirers.

(Image courtesy of rakratchada torsap/www.freedigitalphotos.net)