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Best Buffet Restaurants in Boston

If you are planning on taking your family out for dinner, but are finding it tough to decide on a place that serves everyone’s favorite dishes, going for a buffet restaurant may be the smart option. A buffet restaurant allows you to sample different tastes, gives you a great selection to pick your preferences and ensures that everyone has something to enjoy no matter how diverse the tastes of your group are. Choose a great buffet restaurant from these Boston eateries to enjoy sumptuous food that will titillate your taste buds:

The Blue Room

A great place to enjoy the changing tastes of different seasons, The Blue Room offers a delectable combination of classic and exotic fare. Dishes that combine fresh and locally-sourced ingredients in unique ways will tickle your taste buds at this establishment. Sundays are a special time here with the ‘all you can eat’ buffet that comes with a surprisingly affordable price tag. The dessert should be a definite addition to your meal too. If you love places that offer a cozy, comfy ambiance and excellent food, then The Blue Room is a great place for a buffet.

Café de Boston

If you have a penchant for traditional American food, then this is the perfect place for you. One of the unique aspects about Café de Boston is its salad bar, which has an amazing selection and offers really generous portions. It is particularly good for those who like vegetarian food too. Apart from standard American food, Café de Boston also offers pizza, wraps, kebab plates and much more so that you can enjoy a truly varied selection.

Kebab Factory

For a spicy Indian buffet there is no better place than the Kebab Factory. A modern, comfy ambiance makes this restaurant a good place to hang out with family or office colleagues. It is not just mouthwatering kebabs you can get here, despite the name. It offers a good selection of other ethnic Indian food including some health-first dishes like the spinach soup. This place does get rather crowded during peak hours, testifying to its great tasting food and good service. However, the bargain buffets and low price tags make all the waiting and pushing through crowds well worth it. Many regulars consider the Kebab Factory the very best of the buffet restaurants in the Boston area.


The best place for a ‘traditional’ evening out, Parkers has attentive service, classy interiors and traditional New England fare to make your evening a memorable one. Diners often describe the experience as being similar to taking a step back in time. The breakfast buffet and weekday buffets are especially famous at Parkers and so are the friendly as well as knowledgeable waiters. Old world charm and great food are guaranteed here, which make it a great spot for you and your family.

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