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Image courtesy of emptyglass/www.freedigitalphotos.com

Backpacker’s Guide to Boston

Nothing is more fun and exhilarating than backpacking your way through the world. For those of you who are looking for a budget vacation in Boston, we have listed down some of the backpacker-friendly accommodation options, alongside cheap eating joints and ways to save on touring the city.

Budget Accommodation – Hostels and Motels

The historical city of Boston has a number of luxurious hotels alongside a string of cheap accommodation options like motels and hostels. The most popular accommodation option for backpackers is the Hostelling International or HI Boston, which is located conveniently in downtown Boston. The place is very close to the art and theatre district of the city and also gives away free passes for shows, lectures and night clubs.

Another place worth mentioning here is Berkeley Hostel which is a preferred choice of travelers because of its location. The hostel also has both private rooms and dorms like HI, and offers free breakfast to all its guests. If you are not comfortable staying at a hostel, try budget hotels like the Chandler Inn, Buckminster Hotel, and Aae Hotels which would cost you slightly more.

Eat and Drink

Boston is known for its food, and the variety of cuisines it has to offer for food lovers. There are a number of budget eateries scattered around the city, most of which are not known to many. From authentic American food to Mexican, Chinese, Indian and Italian cuisines, you can find everything here in Boston and at an affordable price too. For backpackers, Anna’s Taqueria in Cambridge, Tremont 647 in Tremont Street, Santarpio’s Pizza, Sunset Grill & Tap, Crema CafĂ©, Lunch Box Diner and Punjabi Dhaba are some of the best.

For an evening of fun, visit to the Red Hat pub, The Black Rose (also a favorite restaurant among locals), the Gypsy Bar and the Good Life Bar is a must. The Black Rose is a traditional Irish pub that also serves excellent pub burger with sweet potato fries and the best lobster roll in the region.

What to Do

Boston is a city of historical importance and has many places that can be intriguing for travelers. The cheapest way to cover most of the attractions in Boston is to purchase the Go Boston card that gets you free entry to 52 destinations in the city including New England Aquarium, Museum of Science, Harvard Natural History Museum, USS Constitution Cruise, Boston TV & Movie Sites Tour, Institute of Contemporary Art, the MIT museum and Mary Baker Eddy Library among others.

Other must see places in Boston include the Freedom Trail, the Back Bay area, Charles River Esplanade, The Boston Public Library and The South End, which houses some of the best designer stores, restaurants and pubs in Boston.

Image courtesy of emptyglass/www.freedigitalphotos.com