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Around Boston – Boston’s Most Scenic Drives

Tired of going to the same places in Boston? Why not explore the places around the city then? Many people know well about the attractions in Boston. But only a few know that there are a number of scenic routes to drive around Boston, offering excellent options for a quick weekend getaway. If you are looking for an exciting way to spend your weekend in Boston, then here are the most scenic drives around Boston that you must explore.

Chickatawbut Road – Drive through the Scenic Blue Hills

Anytime from morning to evening, a drive on the Chickatawbut Road, from Braintree to Milton is a treat for those who enjoy long drives. The distance is just 9 miles one-way and offers views of rocky heights, lush green forests and glimpses of the city as you pass. Don’t miss out the blue hues on the hills that give the Blue Hills the name. You can make quick stops at the Blue Hills Trailside Museum, which has a number of cultural and historical artifacts on display, alongside live animals that entertain the visitors.

Drive to Duckworth’s Bistrot – Cape Ann Route 127

A 15-mile long drive from Boston through Gloucester and Rockport, via Manchester-by-the-sea, the drive to Duckworth’s Bistrot offers excellent sea views for photography enthusiasts. The drive also takes your some famous movie spots and ancient ports, and finally takes you to Duckworth’s Bistrot by dinner time.

Battle Road Byway

A historical route with scenic views, the Battle Road Byway is a 21-mile drive that passes through Lexington, Arlington, Concord and Lincoln. The long drive takes you along the path that the British took during the revolutionary war. You can take a tour of the Wayside House and the Colonial Barrett House on the way.

Essex Coastal Byway

A little longer than the other scenic drives around Boston, the Essex Coastal Byway takes you from north to south, Essex to Lynn. The path gives you excellent views of period architecture, and opportunities for capturing historical sites on camera. Colonial farms and the Great Marsh, which is the largest salt marsh in New England, also appear on the way, which makes the drive as exciting as it can be. If that doesn’t interest you, simply stop along the rocky terrain overlooking the New England Coast and photograph amazing views of the sea.

Drive from North Street, Westwood, to Fisher Street, Walpole

A short drive from Boston, this 2-mile drive takes you through the farmland of North Street in Westwood to Fisher Street in Walpole. Visitors find this to be an excellent spot for picnics, hiking, bird watching and other family outings in the region. But if you are thinking of hunting, camping or having a barbeque, this is not your place.