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A Trip to Architectural Attractions in Boston

A great city with a rich history, Boston is home to several architectural marvels built by architects and engineers from around the world. The city has several buildings that are visited by tourists and locals for their historical and architectural significance. If you are an architect looking for ideas from the amazing structures, or if you simply appreciate architecture in all its glory, here is a list of the top architectural attractions you must visit in Boston.


Boston City Hall

The seat of the Boston City government, the Boston City Hall was designed by architects Michael McKinnell and Gerhard Kallmann, a professor and student team from Columbia University, in collaboration with architects Campbell, Aldrich and Nulty, and Knowles, and engineers Lemessurier Associates. The design by this team is modernist and was selected from a list of over 250 entries submitted by architects all over the country. Half the building has been constructed using over 22,000 separate components including precast cement concrete and coarse rock.


Kresge Auditorium at the MIT

The unique dome structured Kresge auditorium that lies inside the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was designed by well-known architect Eero Saarinen in 1953. The construction of this auditorium was complete by 1955, along with the MIT chapel, which was also designed by Saarinen. The two structures are examples of the fine mid-century US architecture and are divided by a green stretch, which is seen in traditional American urban planning.

The structure is 1/8th sphere that goes as high as 50 feet tall. At its peak, the structure is sliced by glass curtains. It was built using the thin-shelled concrete technology, which was novel at that time. The modernist bell tower was later added to the chapel in 1956. The inverted bucket shaped tower was designed by Theodore Roszak, the architect of Polish origin.


Boston’s Trinity Church

One of the popular tourist spots in the city, the Trinity Church in the Back Bay area was designed by Henry Hobson Richardson, back in 1877. The church resembles a slightly modified Greek cross and consists of a central tower that is 211 ft tall. The murals inside the church are all American, by local artists in from the country.


Gehry Building

One of the most uniquely designed buildings in Boston, the Ray and Maria Stata Building in the MIT campus was designed by none other than the world famous Frank Gehry. The 67,000 sq mt academic complex was built and opened for use in 2004 and is one of the latest architectural marvels added to the city of Boston. If you are visiting Boston, a visit to the MIT is a must, even it is to see this building