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5 Things to Do in New England Before Summer Ends

With summer almost coming to an end, people around the country are desperate to make the most of the vacation time. Don’t be sad if you haven’t had a chance to go on your dream vacation this summer also. If you live in or around New England, you can still make up for the lost summer days by doing these exciting things with your friends or family. Here is a list of 5 things you should do in New England, before summer draws to an end.



Summer in Boston us the best time to go on hikes with your pals. You could choose to go on a half-day excursion or opt for the evening/night hike when it is a little cooler. New England has many hiking trails that are frequented by nature enthusiasts, tourists and fitness buffs. Popular hiking destinations in the region include Camel’s Hump and the Mount Washington. There are other trails like the trail in the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, Mount Misery and Noanet Peak in Dover that you can also consider.


Splash into the watering hole

What best way to spend summer than to jump into a pool of water. Only, here you will be hitting the beaches, ponds and lakes, and not a swimming pool, in the region to cool it off. A trip to your nearest water body is a great way to spend a summer day with your kids or friends. Cape Cod and Rhode Island are the two popular destinations in Massachusetts where you can find lakes and rivers for some summer fun.


Block island for solitude

Hate crowds? Want to go away for a few days and enjoy solitude or quality time with your lover? Then Block Island in Rhode Island is an excellent spot for your short summer vacation. Forget Martha’s vineyard and Nantucket for a wonderful time at the beach. Just head to Block Island with your favorite book and your best hiking gear and you can be guaranteed of a relaxed and peaceful summer holiday.


Fly High

The Great Annual Balloon festival kicks off on August 15 and lasts till 17 this year. If you want to get a bird’s eye view of New England, then this is your chance. Hurry up and trek up to the Lewiston-Auburn in Maine and you could get to ride up in the Balloons to watch the sun rise or set.



Get the adventurer out of you and go rafting in the aggressive waters of Penobscot river in Maine. Rafting tours are offered for adventure lovers in the Dead and the Kennebec rivers also. Choose a spot based on the level of adrenalin rush you are looking for. The rapids in Penobscot are the strongest and colder too.