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4th of July Celebrations in Boston

Boston is the most visited place in the USA and regularly hosts the biggest celebrations in the country during the Fourth of July week. Drawing more than two million people every year, the Boston harbor fest is the place to be during this time. It is a multi-day event that stretches between two to four days and sometimes extending to a sixth day. This is by far the country’s largest and most sought after patriotic event. Regulars come in from as far as New York to be a part of the festivities and it never fails to impress. The historical tours, reenactments of popular scenes and battles from the revolution, and concerts are all part of the fest that has now completed its 33rd year.


This year the Harbor fest was scheduled between the second and sixth of July and was as grand as expected. The festival was kicked off by Mayor Marty Walsh at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. A five day celebration this time around, over 200 events were held.


Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular

The other important crowd draw in Boston is the Esplanade celebrations by the Boston Pops. The incredible fireworks display has nearly 16,000 pyrotechnics that are on display, usually lasting about an hour. It is one of the biggest and most loved fireworks displays in the USA and is a ‘must-see’ for all Americans. Before the fireworks display there is a free concert and this year it featured Megan Hilty, the cast of the phantom of the opera, the Children’s Chorus and the legendary Beach Boys spreading their good vibes from the Hatch shell. This year, however, the most anticipated 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky was canceled and the fireworks were also moved forward, starting at ten in the night and abruptly closing twenty minutes later.


Arthur disrupts celebrations

Hurricane Arthur was expected to lash down on Boston on the Fourth, as a result of which the Pop’s event was a day earlier, on the July 3. However, Hurricane Arthur came down the same day, abruptly halting the celebrations and the fireworks. After only about twenty minutes, the fireworks were halted; ten minutes later an announcement was made to evacuate the lawns.


The most disappointing thing about the rains was the cancellation of the 1812 Overture, according to many who had come all the way to witness it. The overture is a rousing composition by Tchaikovsky that is performed by a live orchestra every year just as the fireworks begin.


Even bad weather and rain could not dampen the spirits of the millions who turned up to make Boston the center of all Fourth of July revelries across the USA.